Cell Site Backhaul

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Pulsecom's scalable solutions for Cell Site Backhaul deliver DS1, DS3 and MEF compliant Ethernet services to custom fit any mixture of 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE applications.

Industry-standard 400-mechanics, industry-leading miniaturization and all-in-one designs that free planners from the limitations of conventional "pizza box" and shelf-based equipment provide the flexibility to economically deploy Pulsecom units inside cell site suites, inside existing OSP cabinets, inside existing Westell® CellPak® CP528 HDSL/T1 demarc enclosures or inside COs, CEVs, Huts or RTs.

DS1 and DS3 units feature in-band loopbacks and AIS, AIS-CI, RAI, RAI-CI and NPRM diagnostics resulting in reduced truck rolls, simplified maintenance and the network sectionalization critical for out-or-region or multi-carrier backhaul. Leading-edge Carrier Ethernet units feature standards based protocol support to deliver comparable benefits for Ethernet.

With hundreds of millions of hours of operation in harsh-environments and tens of thousands of systems in service, Pulsecom offers unmatched backhaul resiliency and reliability. Lightning protection, power cross protection, airborne contaminant protection, earthquake protection and service-migration protection make Pulsecom's better approach the best way to avoid risk and cut deployment costs.

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