Pulsecom - An Overview

Pulsecom is now part of Enginuity Communications.
Pulsecom, has designed and manufactured network innovations in the United States for almost 50 years.

Pulsecom's development center located in Herndon, Virginia specializes in practical solutions for providing Ethernet and TDM services for small and mid-sized applications such as cell sites and businesses. Traditionally, TDM and Ethernet require completely separate platforms each with its own powering, mounting, training, demarcation and fiber requirements. Pulsecom's alternative approach enables both services immediately or the ability to start with TDM without compromising Ethernet migration. Pulsecom's innovative designs have proven to be more reliable, more cost effective and better able to leverage existing infrastructure; and miniaturization has led to more nimble installations and optimized network architectures..

With in-house design at its Virginia facility and US manufacturing, Pulsecom avoids availability issues that impact imported products and is able to customize production schedules to match customer needs. Coupled with personalized service, few companies can approach Pulsecom's responsiveness.

And few companies can match Pulsecom's combination of seamless public network integration and constant innovation. Over 10,000,000 Pulsecom voice and data circuits have been shipped to the public network and dozens of Pulsecom patents recognize contributions that extend from network data integration to miniaturization of wireless cell-site technology.

What does all of this really mean? Your time can be spent concentrating on network and business strategies rather than worrying about the compatibility, flexibility and viability of your telecommunications supplier. Pulsecom's proven real-world performance, simple evolution, and commitment to quality are the foundations of our business.

Enginuity Communications Headquarters:
3545 Stern Ave.
St. Charles, IL 60174
Pulsecom Design Center:
2900 Towerview Road
Suite 200
Herndon, VA 20171
Customer Service:
(800) 381-1997 or 630-444-0778
Fax: 630-444-0773

Technical Support:
(800) 841-1005 or (703) 478-7077

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