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Verify your version of "Web Pages" by going to the REFERENCES tab when running the SFP CheckTM.  Web Pages Version can be found in the table at the bottom of the REFERENCES screen.

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Tech tips

Problem :  SFP CHECK isn't reading anything
Possible causes and solutions :

1.  Security Warning - check for a security warning directly below the browser's tool bar.  If there is a warning, right click on it and ALLOW BLOCKED CONTENT.

2.  SFP Design - SFPs must be designed and manufactured to industry standards in order to be read by the SFP CHECK.

    INF-8074i, sometimes referred to as the SFP MSA or SFP Multi Source Agreement.  SFPs that are designed to  this specification will allow the display of identification characteristics such as wavelength, type, range, vendor, part number, and datecode.

    SFF-8472 Specifications for Diagnostic Monitoring Interface for Optical Transceivers.  SFPs that are designed to this specification support the display of identification characteristics and diagnostic characteristics such as transmit and receive levels, laser bias current, voltage and temperature.

Problem:  SFP CHECK is showing "DWDM SFP Invalid ext ID" under the Capability
Possible causes and solutions: The Small Form Factor Committee who specifies SFP programming (SFF-8472) requires that the Extended ID byte be programmed to "4" for all SFPs.  Some manufacturers have elected to use other values to signify DWDM.  Because these values are non-compliant with the SFP standard, the SFP CHECK sees flags it as invalid.  The use of a non-standard value in the Extended ID byte should have no effect on the operation of the SFP.

Problem:  Can't remove the SFP from the SFP CHECK
Possible cause and solution:  The SFP has a latching mechanism that works with the housing to hold the SFP in place.  Look for a small  tab located at the edge of the SFP housing (see black plastic tab in photos below).  Use a knife or very small screwdriver to press the tab down and toward the SFP CHECK to release the latching mechanism.  Note:  This latching mechanism engages in the network equipment in the same way. 

For SFP CHECK devices shipped prior to March 1, 2010, please call Technical Support (1-800-841-1005) for instructions to permanently disengage the latching feature in the SFP Check housing.

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